ebooks - successful sales on the internet “How a ‘Little Guy’ Went From Zero to $253,681.00 in Only 6 Months, Selling a Real Product to Real Customers”

A step-by-step guide that teaches you exactly how I made successful sales on the Internet and beyond in only 6 months.

Warning - This e-book is not filled with fantasy or "guesses" about what might work. It doesn't make wild promises. What it will show you, step-by-step, is exactly how I made successful sales. I believe the results speak for themselves. Highly recommended!

I am often asked,
"How were you able to start with no
customer base and make so many successful sales
on the Internet in such a short time?"

This e-book is designed to answer those questions. I wrote this to help other people who have great ideas and products. My hope is that it will keep them from making mistakes, to help give them direction, or even to abandon projects that don't have a chance for success. In the end, I want this book to help speed up others' progress toward success.

ebooks - successful sales on the internetAnd NO. It wasn't with adult web sites or anything that is considered borderline immoral or illegal. I also did it with real products that were shipped to real customers. This is not about network or multi level marketing. While there are some who have made a great deal of money selling the opportunity to others, I made successful sales on the Internet and through traditional channels selling real products that were delivered both to end customers' homes and to stores who resold the product.

Here's what is covered:

  • Start with the right product - it can "make or break you"
  • Understanding the characteristics of a successful product
  • Maximizing your web page to be "found" on the Internet
  • 3 Successful on-line advertising methods...at low or no cost
  • Think free classified ads are a waste of time? I'll show you exactly how and why you must use them
  • Make money on E-Bay selling only 1 product per week...and you don't even care how much you sell it for!
  • Save 38% on 1st class direct mail...even more on printing
  • Finding stores that will sell your product
  • Building a Business to Business mailing list using low cost software
  • Using the leverage of "Integrative Marketing"
  • What you MUST do once money starts rolling in
  • Why mistakes can gain you more customers
  • Why you must have your product on the web
  • What to do to your pages to get more visitors
  • A list of all the hardware and software 'tools' I used throughout the project
  • How to apply the steps to your own project
  • Bonus Section "What I would have done differently"
  • And Much Much More

Is there anything mysterious or extraordinary here? No! Not unless you want to find out from someone who did it, exactly how it was done.

There is so much more. I have included each and every step I took that made the project a success, including things to avoid that can kill your efforts.

Get it now for just $12.95!

This e-book can save you hours of time experimenting, point you in the direction of success, and put you on the right path.

ebooks - successful sales on the internet
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ebooks - successful sales on the internet

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